Six years and running! FIYAH is chugging along like everyone else, doing our best while prepping for the next earth-shattering event. Putting out the best Black speculative fiction is the least we can do to ease the collective anxiety. In the last year, we’ve added 20 new works of prose and 9 poems by Black writers, as well as 4 new nonfiction essays thanks to our fabulous team of readers and editors.

Highlights of this year include:

1: FIYAH Grants 2022 

Creativity rarely equates to luxury or financial stability, so we’ve made it our mission to provide support to Black creatives. This year’s FIYAH Grants recipients have shared their passions, struggles, and potential in ways that deeply moved us. We wish them great success as they work towards their dreams! Learn more about our recipients here. 

2: Return of the #BlackSpecFic report

FIYAH Literary Magazine was launched five years ago as interest in Black stories became mainstream. While famous authors chose to implode their careers, publishers realized that colored folk are literate, talented, lucrative, and mostly unproblematic. What a radical notion! But, as the prophet DMX once said, “Talk is cheap, [motherfucker].” As a result, our #BlackSpecFic report notes the actual number of Black writers published by newer and legacy speculative magazines during 2021. We encourage you to read its findings.

3: Wins and Nominations

Troy Wiggins, publisher here at FIYAH, received the 2022 Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award for his contributions to the speculative fiction community. As for nominations, the team met up in Chicago for Worldcon this year, where we were again finalists for Best Semiprozine; we didn’t take home the spaceship trophy this time, but made some good memories along the way. We also made it onto the Locus Awards Top Ten Finalists list alongside some excellent peers.

4: IGNYTE Awards 2022

While FIYAHCON did not take place this year, Brent Lambert still served as Master of Ceremonies for our IGNYTE Awards, celebrating minority voices in publishing and those who contributed to their success. We kept it short and sweet, and plan to continue the IGNYTE awards until the sun burns out five-billion years from now. Check out the list of winners and finalists here!

As of the end of 2022, the magnanimous Brent Lambert has stepped away from his Social Media Management duties, entrusting them to our Art Director, Christian Ivey. Additionally, L.D. Lewis, who supports our magazine like Atlas carries the world on his back, announced her plan to depart at the end of 2023. Words fail to describe how vital they’ve been to FIYAH over the years.

This post is here to help you out should you want to nominate FIYAH or any of its incredible contributors for the upcoming award season. As always, we are immensely grateful for the support we’ve received, and we look forward to bringing you new, exciting content in 2023.


FIYAH Literary Magazine is eligible for 2022 semiprozine award categories.


Publisher: Troy L. Wiggins

Executive Editor: DaVaun Sanders

Poetry Editor: B. Sharise Moore

Nonfiction Editor: Margeaux Weston

Web Editor: Chavonne Brown

Acquiring Editors: Genine Tyson, Emmalia Harrington, Tonya R. Moore, Rebecca McGee, Kerine Wint, Joshua Morley

Special Projects Manager + Webmaster + Magazine Layout: L. D. Lewis

Reviews Editor: Brent Lambert

Art Director + Social Media Manager: Christian Ivey


FIYAHCON Director: L. D. Lewis

FIYAHCON Master of Programming: Brent Lambert

FIYAHCON Ignyte Awards Co-Admin: Suzan Palumbo



Executive Editor: DaVaun Sanders

Acquiring Editors: Emmalia Harrington, Genine Tyson


Title Author (Last, First) Word count Story Type
Issue 21- January 2022
From Earth to Io, With Love Ijasan, Adelehin 2461 Short
The Red Summer Shaia, Wendy 7335 Short
The Brief Life Story of Lila Cherry Jr, Danny 7251 Short
The Way Things Are Brooks-Flemister, Jendayi 3990 Short
Issue 22 – April 2022
Needs, Wants, and Dead Things Johnson, Kirk A. 3898 Short
A Brief and Hideous Scrawl Brown, Erin 6308 Short
Liqueur of Memory Frye, Samantha 6304 Short
The Pig Pouch and the Biomechanical Heart Engine Edwards, Malon 6703 Short
Upside Down Frown Thompson, Jarred 5021 Short
Issue 23 – July 2022: FOOD & CUISINE
Food for the Soul Gunter, Elnora 5840 Short
Kingston Gourmet Brown, Ashaye 4911 Short
The Pastry Shop Round the Bend Braithwaite, Makeda K. 3143 Short
The Usual Way Munroe, Lina 2731 Short
Just Deserts Barrie, A.M. 10244 Short
Issue 24 – October 2022: HAUNTINGS AND HORRORS
GIrl Eats Girl Villar, Gnesis 7214 Short
Sugar Honey Iced Tea Royce, Eden 5542 Short
Old Solomon’s Eyes Ntumy, Cheryl S. 4900 Short
In the Smile Place Ogundiran, Tobi 4784 Short
Chrysalis Campbell, Aimee 3374 Short
The Blooms of Sorrow Helms, Amanda 6624 Short



Poetry Editor: B. Sharise Moore

Acquiring Editor for Poetry: Tonya R. Moore

Our poets are eligible for the Rhysling Awards


Issue 21 – January 2022 Author (Last, First)
Telepathy Okafor, Chisom
Delivery Polk, C.L.
The Economics of Death Wright, K. Ceres
Issue 22 – April 2022
I failed to talk to Grandma again Gospel, Chinedu
The Deathing Room Winifred Iker, Beatrice
Issue 23 – July 2022: FOOD & CUISINE
The Recipe for Time Travel Collins, Monique
lingua franca in diaspora French, Whitney
Issue 24 – October 2022: HAUNTINGS AND HORRORS
Waking My Niece to Alienate Her Body in a Green Planet Bobi, Zaynab
It’s a Wonderful Life (In the Kitchen) D, Lisa


Nonfiction Editors: Margeaux Weston (in-issue), Chavonne Brown (on site)


January 2022 Author (Last, First)
When Black Boys find Magic – in issue 21 Williams, LaDarrion
May 2022
Afro Synthesis, or the Co-evolution of Sound and Furyon site Thomas, Cathy
July 2022
The Artistry of Diversityon site Upkins, Dennis R.
August 2022
8 Speculative fiction books inspired by African Folkloreon site Asomugha, Daniella


Art Director: Christian Ivey

Artists are eligible for semipro/fan artist categories

Cover for FIYAH Issue 21 fiyah cover issue 22
Artist: Terri Chienyi
Food and Cuisine cover FIYAH Issue 24 Cover: Hauntings and Horrors
Artist: Kai Robinson Artist: N’kai DeLauter


Got questions? Email team[at] And from all of us, thank you for reading and for loving what we do.

Nelson Rolon is a Black Hispanic writer based in Ohio. His debut novelette, Saudade, was published in FIYAH Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction (2018), reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine (2021), and mentioned in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy (2019). His writing explores transhumanism, interstellar migration, and faith. Nelson lives in a cozy apartment with his wife and two cats. Follow him on Twitter @oldmannelson

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