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the story engine

The Story Engine Deck is a set of 180 cards that help you create endless story ideas and creative writing prompts. It runs on a simple, fast, open-ended system of drawing and arranging cards to create your own customizable prompts for stories, character concepts, conflicts, settings, and more. It’s all in how you arrange the cards, interpret the connections between them, and bring the concept to life.

Find The Story Engine Deck, a free print-at-home demo, and oodles of free creative resources at storyenginedeck.com

In 2022, The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds will feature 240 cards for creating imagined lands, local lore, and story-driven world maps you can instantly explore through writing or roleplay. With hundreds of open-ended worldbuilding prompts created by a talented international team of writers, the deck is ideal for worldbuilders, writers, loremasters, DMs, teachers, and storytellers of all kinds. Learn more at deckofworlds.com

Solarpunk Magazine

Solarpunk Magazine is a new online, pro-rate paying science fiction and fantasy publication that launches its first issue on January 11, 2022. Through fiction, poetry, nonfiction, & art the magazine tells stories that spread radical optimistic and revolutionary hope, that move beyond apocalypse and dystopia by building cooperative futures where marginalized communities are at the forefront of creating a new world in which technology, nature, and humanity coexist in harmony rather than in conflict. It’s time to demand utopia. Join us, and let’s build a solarpunk future together.

Cossmass Infinities

Cossmass Infinities is a Science-Fiction and Fantasy short story magazine published four times a year (January, April, July and October). Available in ebook and print editions. It also publishes some of its stories online for free. Our submissions process is geared to ensure we consistently buy and publish at least 50% of our stories from Black, Asian, Latin, LGBTQ+ and other under-represented authors.

Cossmass Infinities published their first issue in January 2020 and has since published stories by authors such as Andrea Kriz, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, Monte Lin, Thomas Ha, Victor Pseftakis, dave ring, Uchechukwu Nwaka, P.A. Cornell and P H Lee.

workshop orange logo

Workshop Orange is a globally distributed, fully remote webapp and website digital agency. Our teams in South Africa, Nigeria, and Mexico work with UK, US, European, and South African clients. We support small and medium businesses and startups with their creative, development, and marketing needs from strategy and concept all the way through to launch, reporting, maintenance, and beyond. Have an existing site you’d like updated? An existing visual or corporate identity that needs a refresh? Or would you like something entirely new that doesn’t exist yet? Reach out to us at hello@workshoporange.co to discuss your requirements, no matter how big or small. We would love to hear from you.

broad universe logo

Broad Universe is a nonprofit organization serving writers, editors, publishers, and aspiring publishing professionals of historically marginalized gender identities, including women, trans women, and nonbinary individuals working in speculative fiction.

Since 2000, Broad Universe has been working to:

  • Promote the work of women, trans women, and nonbinary writers in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
  • Educate the speculative fiction community, the public, and our Supporters about the creative contributions of historically marginalized gender identities.
  • Nurture and grow a professional community and fan base to support our mission.
  • Offer resources for writers and publishing professionals whose gender identities have been historically marginalized.
  • As a feminist organization, the Broad Universe Motherboard is proud to support FIYAH Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction in their mission of uplifting the voices of Black storytellers in speculative fiction.
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