FIYAH #24: Hauntings and Horrors

This is Issue #24 and it’s available in downloadable PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.

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Prose –

Girl Eats Girl // Gnesis Villar – 7214 words

In the weeks before a massive blizzard, two teens become reluctant allies as they confront malevolent forces within a small white community and the surrounding forest.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea // Eden Royce – 5542 words

Overworked and overqualified, Teena’s simply over it when a coveted manager position is given to a newcomer from outside the branch, slippery and sweet as the jar of honey he keeps on his desk.

Old Solomon’s Eyes // Cheryl S. Ntumy – 4900 words

No one in the village of good, God-fearing folk were surprised when Old Solomon’s eyes were stolen, and only young Ludo and Bliss are willing to find the demon responsible.

In the Smile Place // Tobi Ogundiran – 4784 words

The mystery surrounding a terrible night in John’s childhood resurfaces when his younger brother suddenly disappears.

Chrysalis // Aimee Campbell – 3374 words

An ancestor’s pact to protect the bloodline spawns misery for their present-day descendant.

The Blooms of Sorrow // Amanda Helms – 6624 words

Monica struggles to balance her debilitating condition with a fresh rupture of familial strife, and finally considers her mother’s unorthodox coping mechanism for pain.


Poetry –

Waking My Niece to Alienate Her Body in a Green Planet // Zaynab Bobi

It’s a Wonderful Life (In the Kitchen) // Lisa D


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