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Prose –

Food for the Soul // Elnora Gunter – 5840 words

In a future New Orleans overrun by the Coastal Authority, Jayde and her father struggle to keep their café afloat despite severe penalties for the use of certain key ingredients.

Kingston Gourmet // Ashaye Brown – 4911 words

When an intergalactic probe mistakenly shares a curry recipe in a first contact situation, Zhade is one of many international chefs plunged into a peculiar worldwide contest.

The Pastry Shop Round the Bend // Makeda K. Braithwaite – 3413 words

Trouble brews in a tiny village when a young witch sets up shop in the cottage across the street from the community’s longtime magick purveyor. Content warning for brief depiction of gore.

The Usual Way // Lina Munroe – 2731 words

Danae refuses to give up her attempts to perfect a cherished family recipe despite her Auntie Tracy’s perpetual side-eye.

Just Deserts // A.M. Barrie – 10244 words

Hercules Posey recounts his trajectory as Chief of the Kitchen within George Washington’s household, and the mysterious talent lurking behind his famed recipes.


Poetry –

The Recipe for Time Travel // Monique Collins

lingua franca in diaspora // Whitney French


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