Got a question? Is it one of these?


1: I was published in a previous issue of FIYAH. How long do I have to wait to submit again?

At least 180 days from the date of your contract.


2: How do I become part of FIYAH’s staff?

We don’t do open calls for slush readers or editors because our staff is unpaid and we’re uncomfortable with soliciting free labor. We’ll let you know when that changes.


3: I’m biracial/multiracial. Can I submit to FIYAH? 

We believe everyone knows whether or not they are Black. FIYAH uses a globally inclusive definition of Blackness to determine eligibility for publication with us. This means that if you are Black and of the African diaspora (living anywhere in the known universe), you can submit work here, provided the work is primarily in English. If you are biracial/multiracial and/or Afro-appended (Afro-Latinx, Afro-Malay, Afro-American, etc), you can submit work here. We do not discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation. The FIYAH staff does its due diligence to the best of our ability to ensure work under consideration meets our requirements. More often than not, though, work submitted by non-Black writers tells on itself.


4: I’m white but I was born and/or raised and/or currently live in Africa. Can I submit work?



5: I accidentally selected the wrong format for my issue/subscription purchase. Is there a way to correct that?

For individual issue purchases, you’ll have to email help[at]fiyahlitmag.com. For subscriptions, you’ll receive both an EPUB and PDF file for each release.


6: Do you have a privacy policy?

Yup. You can find details on our uses of your data, our merch vendors, and refund policies here.


6: Will you help me promote my non-speculative, unsolicited or otherwise unrelated work?

No. If you are familiar with our work (and you should be, if you’re asking us to do something for you), you know our content and whether or not your work is something in our purview. Press releases and all requests for advertisement are deleted unread (unless submitted through our Sponsorship program), as are inquiries received outside of proper channels such as the correct, relevant email address or courteously worded social media message.


7: When are the open calls for cover art illustrators?

The Art Director opens up to submissions from Black artists and illustrators in July/August to fill slots for the coming year. Our Submissions page has the details.


8: I was gifted a code for a free issue/subscription. How do I use it?

Drop your purchase in your cart as you would anywhere else, and enter your code during checkout.

For questions about accessing your content, see question 11 below.


9: Can I use FIYAH issues as part of my course/webinar curriculum?

FIYAH issues as priced in the store are for personal use only. For a license to distribute as part of an educational endeavor, please email team[at]fiyahlitmag.com.


10: Help! I can’t open my file on my Kindle!

Reading apps are fickle things, but we’ve got you covered.

Make sure you’re using the preferred file format for the right device. The MOBI file type is proprietary to Kindle devices, but EPUB and PDF are standards for just about every other e-reading device. We recommend turning on the “Show Personal Documents in Library” feature of the app, and emailing the issue’s MOBI file to your Kindle email address.


11: I’m having trouble accessing my issues.

There’s a page for that: /accessing-your-issues/


12: I paid for an Annual Subscription, but missed the latest release. Do I have to wait for the next issue?

New issues are released quarterly (January/April/July/October.) If you signup for a subscription between January 1st and October 14th, you will receive a quarterly email containing the latest issue and any issues you missed that year. You will receive four (4) issues in total by the end of your subscription term.

If you sign up between October 15th and December 31st, your first issue will be emailed January 1st of the upcoming year. For example, if you subscribe October 16, 2022, you will receive all of 2023’s issues upon release. You will still receive four (4) issues by the end of your subscription term, but you’re preordering them in advance.

For more info on accessing issues, see question 11.

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