Let’s rip the band-aid shall we? I’m stepping down from handling FIYAH’s social media. I’m not leaving FIYAH altogether as I will still be handling reviews, which I hope to have the time to dedicate to soon for a nice revamp. But that’s really what’s at the crux of all this for me—time.

My writing and personal life have both become a great deal busier in the last year or so and I just haven’t been delivering on the social media front to the standard I hold myself to. And there’s got to be a point when you can be honest with yourself about what you’re bringing to the table, and I wasn’t bringing my best anymore.

Helping FIYAH build its social media platform was such a dream and I cherish all the interactions I got to have through it greatly. I had not a single ounce of real social media management experience when I took this task on. Just a lot of enthusiasm and free time and a community eager to have a space of their own. I can walk away from this pretty proud with what I accomplished with the help of so many spectacular individuals, especially L.D. Lewis and DaVaun Sanders.

What’s next for me? Well, I’m writing, reading, and living a pretty dope life. What’s next for FIYAH? That would be Christian Ivey, who will be stepping in to fill my role. An analogy if I may, but I never wanted FIYAH to be like so many Black churches with aging leadership and low attendance because folks never knew when it was time to pass the mantle. Christian is the future and I’m happy to step out of the way and let him shine. The enthusiasm he brings to the table is going to move the needle even more for how great FIYAH can be.

There’s no sadness here for me. How can there be? My job was done well and Christian will do even better. This is a proud moment of community, and I can walk away with a smile.

Thank you all!


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