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Voices on FIYAH returns November 2020.

How it works:

The Voices on FIYAH event is open to all short speculative fiction writers identifying as Black, Native/Indigenous/First Nation, or otherwise “Of Color.” Sign up to be part of FIYAH Literary Magazine’s team generating [at least] 50,000 words of speculative fiction together in the month of November. Last year our writers generated more than 200,000 words of short spec fic! Are you a flash fiction writer? Think you can write a 7k short in 30 days? How about a 15k novelette? Whatever your individual word count goals, we’ll keep you accountable for it, and post resources, prompts, and writers block-busters using the #voicesonfiyah hashtag on Twitter.

When you register, you will choose the team to write for based on the subgenre of your planned piece: fantasy, sci-fi, sci-fan, magical realism, horror, or other/undecided. Your generated words will contribute to the success of your team and to the VOF squad as a whole. We encourage you to network with your teammates as you write.



What’s Next:

Every Friday beginning November 8th, we’re going to email you a password. You’ll use this password to access the Update page where you’ll leave us the following information:

1: Your email address

So we know who you are, obviously.

2: Your word count for the week.

How many new words did you write this week? You might even have a zero week. That happens. Tell us anyway. You’ll also have an opportunity on the form to tell us…

3: What struggles you had this week.

Life happens. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day. And sometimes you can’t name a city/character/fantastical beast and that’s holding you up. Sometimes you don’t know where to go from here. If you let us know where you’re stuck, we’ll use the next week on Twitter to post resources, threads, and prompts geared toward getting you (anonymously) out of your rut.

Did you have an amazing writing week? Awesome….

4: Give us your best line.

We might brag about you by dropping it on Twitter. Your Twitter handle won’t be included just in case you’re nervous about that kind of thing. But feel free to claim it. And if you don’t, just anonymously soak up the cheers and encouragement others will undoubtedly shower on you.

We told you we’d keep you accountable. So, you’ll have midnight (12:00AM) on Friday through 11:59PM on Sunday Eastern Time every week to update your input if you want the next week’s password. That’s 72 hours. No excuses.

Every Monday, we’ll post team stats on Twitter. Then, beginning November 29th, we’ll calculate word totals and winners will receive:

  • celebratory, personalized badges to announce the achievement of your personal word count goal
  • a free download code for the first issue of FIYAH
  • and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a short story critique of up to 3,000 words from our esteemed editor Troy L. Wiggins. Perfect start for getting your story in shape for submission to all kinds of markets in 2020!

Voices on Fiyah hashtag graphic

Join FIYAH October 30st at 2PM ET for the #VoicesOnFIYAH Twitter chat to introduce yourselves, ask questions, and peer pressure your friends into making a commitment of their own. Registration will close at midnight on the 1st. Then make sure you’re following FIYAH on Twitter for prompts, resources, and updates throughout November.

Got it?


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