2020 was A LOT, y’all. In a year that was harrowing for all of us, we managed to drop 4 complete issues, including a JOY issue, which… we’re just glad was possible. These issues included 17 stories, 9 poems, and 4 new covers all by Black creators the world over. In a changing of the guard, B. Sharise Moore is assuming the role of Poetry Editor from our brother Brandon O’Brien.

We were nominated for yet another Hugo and joined the well-populated and startlingly attractive list of people whose names George R. R. Martin could not pronounce. We were also recipients of the first ever OutpostCon Asteroid Award for Best Science Fiction where they also mispronounced our name at the award ceremony, but were very apologetic about it so we let it rock.

This was a gruesome year in a series of gruesome years for Black communities and police violence. The mounting tragedies and the eventual failures of our systems to answer calls for justice turned into calls to support and amplify Black creators. For FIYAH, this meant seeing an explosion of our subscriber base to over 1,700 members which will allow us to pay our 2021 contributors the professional rate as set by SFWA, of .08/word. This means that for the first time, writers publishing with us can count their works toward SFWA-eligibility.

The outpouring of support combined with the catalysts of award hosts butchering names, COVID-19 making virtual events commonplace, and some experiences with other conventions inspired the creation of the first ever FIYAHCON for BIPOC+ in SFF, and the Ignyte Awards helmed by L.D. Lewis and Brent Lambert and executed to great acclaim in October of this year. Brent Lambert and DaVaun Sanders also edited our first ever collaboration with Tor.com with flash fiction collection Breathe FIYAH.

As always, we are immensely grateful for the support we’ve received, and we look forward to bringing you new, exciting content in 2021.

This post is here to help you out should you want to nominate FIYAH or any of its incredible contributors for the upcoming award season.


FIYAH Literary Magazine is eligible for 2020 semiprozine award categories.


Publisher: Troy L. Wiggins

Executive Editor: DaVaun Sanders

Managing Editor: Eboni J. Dunbar

Poetry Editors: Brandon O’Brien, B. Sharise Moore

Acquiring Editors: Danny Lore, Kaleb Russell, Genine Tyson, Emmalia Harrington, Tonya R. Moore

Art Director + Layouts Composer + Project Manager: L. D. Lewis

Reviews Coordinator + Social Media Manager: Brent Lambert


FIYAHCON Director: L. D. Lewis

FIYAHCON Master of Programming: Brent Lambert



Executive Editor: DaVaun Sanders

Acquiring Editors: Danny Lore, Kaleb Russell, Emmalia Harrington, Genine Tyson


* Authors with their own eligibility posts elsewhere. Links beneath the table.

Title Author (Last, First) Word count Story Type
Issue 13- January 2020
All That The Storm Took Scholfield, Yah Yah* 5572 Short
Roots on Ya Moore, LH* 6829 Short
Lusca Knowles, Soleil 2562 Short
The Transition of Osoosi Gartrell, Ozzie M. 7900 Novelette
Issue 14 – April 2020
Guardian of the Gods Ogundiran, Tobi* 5765 Short
Uniform Nunnally, Errick 5549 Short
A Terminal Kind of Love Henry, Veronica 3041 Short
Your Rover is Here Kindred, LP 3415 Short
Issue 15 – July 2020
Red Cloth, White Giraffe Ndlovu, Yvette Lisa* 4065 Short
The Last Testament Raines II, Aurelius 5049 Short
The Black Menagerie Richardson, Endria Isa* 6952 Short
Your Name is Oblivia Tirado, Vincent 4451 Short
Issue 16 – October 2020: JOY
Interstate Africana Dunlap, WC 2487 Short
Silver Door Diner Garrison, Bishop 4714 Short
Paid in Full Macklin, Sarah A. 4226 Short
That Which Smells Bad Niyonsenga, Aline-Mwezi 2846 Short
Ambrosia Saunders, Margaret 4544 Short




Poetry Editor: Brandon O’Brien

Acquiring Editor for Poetry: B. Sharise Moore, Tonya R. Moore

Our poets are eligible for the Rhysling Awards


Issue 13 – January 2020 Author (Last, First)
Aliens Visit the Caribbean Pierre, Terese Mason
Issue 14 – April 2020
Zombie of Palmares Dismukes, Woody
Autolysis After Mentor Pursues Me While in a Relationship Swift, Jacqui
Issue 15 – July 2020
The Technicolor Simulations: Test #2020-Z James, Maya C.
Late Moonwalk Ogbuji, Uche
Libations Nathaniel, Soonest
Issue 16 – October 2020
In Retrograde Robinson, Billimarie Lubiano
Paradise Jarred Thompson
Tiny instances of Black girl magick June, Nia


Art Director: L. D. Lewis

Artists are eligible for semipro/fan artist categories

FIYAH #13 cover cover for FIYAH #14
Artist: Steffi Walthall
cover art for FIYAH Lit Mag issue 15 FIYAH 16 JOY cover
Artist: Cyan Daly Artist: Odera Igbokwe


Got questions? Email team[at]fiyahlitmag.com. And from all of us, thank you for reading and for loving what we do.

L.D. Lewis is an award-winning SF/F writer and editor, and publisher at Fireside Magazine. She serves as a founding creator and Project Manager for the World Fantasy and Hugo Award-winning FIYAH Literary Magazine. She also serves as the founding Director of FIYAHCON, boardmember for Diverse Voices, Inc., Researcher for the LeVar Burton Reads podcast, and pays the bills as the Awards Manager for the Lambda Literary Foundation. She frequently authors studies about the treatment and experiences of racially/ethnically marginalized authors in speculative literature. She is the author of A Ruin of Shadows (Dancing Star Press, 2018) and her published short fiction and poetry includes appearances in FIYAH, PodCastle, Strange Horizons, Anathema: Spec from the Margins, Lightspeed, and Neon Hemlock, among others. She lives in Georgia, on perpetual deadline, with her coffee habit, two very photogenic kittens, and an impressive Funko Pop! collection. Tweet her @ellethevillain.


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