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Prose –

INTERSTATE AFRICANA // WC Dunlap – 2487 words

Travelers converge on a plane where time and space are mere suggestions and the souls of Black folk are eternal. Hear the drums, tell your stories, and find healing before your next life begins.

SILVER DOOR DINER // Bishop Garrison – 4714 words

A woman working in a sleepy diner is cast out of her routine by a mysterious child’s warning of an impending cataclysm.

PAID IN FULL // Sarah A. Macklin – 4226 words

No one throws rent parties anymore, or at least that’s what Keisha believed before her little brother appears in her struggling shop, imbued with an explained, golden glow.

THAT WHICH SMELLS BAD // Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga – 2846 words

Catching ghosts isn’t just a summer job for Gladys, the work anchors her to a family and culture that shuns her. So much more than an evening’s pay is at stake when her latest ghost decides to run.

AMBROSIA // Margaret Saunders – 4544 words

An artist struggling to rediscover herself while providing elder care for her aunt begins receiving premonitions after an impromptu visit to a psychic.


Poetry –

IN RETROGRADE // Billimarie Lubiano Robinson

PARADISE // Jarred Thompson

Tiny instances of Black girl magick // Nia June

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