Issue #15

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Prose –

RED CLOTH, WHITE GIRAFFE // Yvette Lisa Ndlovu – 4065 words

When a deceased young woman’s burial is delayed by family members’ greed, her spirit is forced to chart a new path to a meaningful afterlife.

THE LAST TESTAMENT // Aurelius Raines II – 5049 words

An android that resembles its young inventor’s slain big brother grows to realize the purpose behind its creation: vengeance. TW for a passage of police violence against a Black person.

THE BLACK MENAGERIE // Endria Isa Richardson – 6952 words

Past and present, conjure and haunts weave through this San Francisco-based tale of a wary author inexorably drawn to a mysterious, timeless woman.

YOUR NAME IS OBLIVIA // Vincent Tirado – 4451 words

At the Styx & Stones Bar and Grill, an enigmatic bartender named Oblivia infuses memory itself into her patrons’ drinks—for a price.


Poetry –


LATE MOONWALK // Uche Ogbuji

LIBATIONS // Soonest Nathaniel

Format/File Type

PDF, MOBI (Kindle proprietary format), EPUB (general ebook)


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