FIYAH #27: Carnival

FIYAH #27: Carnival is available in downloadable PDF and EPUB formats.

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Prose –

The Spirit of Bois // Karyn Díaz – 3133 words

With fading spirits on every side, Bois Man weaves through J’ouvert revelry, intent on enjoying one more Carnival—and one more fight.

Petunia // Lerato Mahlangu – 5076 words

Tormented by worsening hallucinations, Tamani clings to a new, mysterious voice that promises salvation despite his mother’s fears.

Capsule of Souls // Dexter F. I. Joseph – 5471 words

A river rite, a masquerade, and a dancer’s love are all part of Izeora’s journey back to his realm—if he can bear the sacrifice.

Sentience // Nkone Chaka – 8667 words

A celebrated scientest grudgingly attends a farewell festival for a planet-sized, sentient library that intends to end its own existence regardless of generations of lost knowledge—and the secret they’ve let behind on the surface.


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