FIYAH #28: Belonging

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Prose –

Moonlight and Needle Teeth // K.S. Walker – 3098 words

The loner Birdie has a change of heart about community and what it means to belong after encountering the unique Nell one late night.

Vardøger // Z.K. Abraham – 4367 words

Asherah and her father Daahir are pulled together by a mysterious sea being that forces them to examine their relationship with nature, each other, and their lineage.

Knoxmarion Burning // Erin Brown – 6308 words

Six Unok boys are the first of their kind to attend the illustrious Knoxmarion Academy. Not all of them make it through the school year but those who do spark change by winning a game.

Hers Too // Wolf Weston – 4468 words

As a secluded aquatic people celebrate preparing their children for a rite of passage, Nadira, daughter of their High Priestess, meets the ceremonies of the day with a bleak sense of duty. She enters the sea unsure she’ll ever make it back, clinging to her Mother’s prayers and hoping to achieve a shift in more ways than one.

Water Walkers // Shawn Frazier – 3313 words

Adam and Steven, Civil War soldiers, leap into the river to escape the Confederates. They spend decades living in the water, seeing signs of a changed world… perhaps they’ll be accepted?

Akaboré Be Quiet // Bryan Adaare – 4600 words

Ka and Yao are on a rite of passage ceremony to hunt three impundulu before the veil to the otherworld closes for the season. Nothing goes as planned for the two as their lives and friendships are tested by peculiar meetings.


Poetry –

Imported Entry Into An Android Cosmos  by Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan

Woz Quartz V by Lysz Flo

Defiling Stone by Jarred Thompson


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