Her fangs came out at night
rows along the highway

blood burst out in spurts
the evil in the details

Her sisters entrenched in the sight
saw devils challenge desperate fight

Stars gleaming, pointed, sharp
punctured through stillness of dark

Serrated blades, each pearl a sin
tearing through her soft fleshed kin

Rabid as a hound denied obedience.

Reflections echo a mirroring snarl
across the moonless sky

Nor sliver of gold or silver cross
could save that part of my sister’s heart

Her mind broke away from the middle of the road
crashed to the side like a deer in the fork

ran toward the black hole of night
gushing a shame swallowed through life

and now the flesh no longer fresh
sits mangled at my other sister’s neck



Samah Fadil is an Afro-Palestinian writer and poet who resides and works in Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang - Montreal. Her fascination with the English language and how it is used led her to pursue a B.A in Journalism and a certificate in English education. She currently works as a copy editor and translator, and aspires to write about all things relating to or around her experience as an Afro-Palestinian. Although she enjoys everything from the classic iambic pentameter to a short micro-poem, her favorite poetry is the one found through music and specifically hip-hop. When she is not writing, she enjoys finding inspiration through the seemingly mundane and keeping her eye on issues relating to the global African and Palestinian diaspora. She is currently working on her debut chapbook.

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