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Prose –

The White Road or How a Crow Carried Death Over a River // Marika Bailey – 6343 words

A crow called Broadfeather worries she’ll never find a name. Her quest for one leads to the ancestral sea, where a sparkle beneath the waves beckons—and an uncovered evil must be brought to Death Herself.

Fatal Conditions // Chris Campbell – 3827 words

The magic in Rebecca’s blood is strong. Defying her Big Ma’s wishes, she combines her medical training and healing talents for a night of urgent house calls—at great personal risk.

Rememory // Kristin Reynolds – 7352 words

Assailed by memory loss, invasive bio dust and her own long-buried trauma, Vera braves the wasteland of the Southern Reach in a desperate bid to find her stolen daughter.

Blood Ties // Jade Wilburn – 4952 words

When government planning authorities submerge a small Southern town to create a lake, young Olivia is caught between a promise to keep her baby sister safe and the residents’ dark vengeance.


Poetry –

A Demon at My Window // Aigner Loren Wilson

in which my grandma departs this realm for three hours // Praise Osawaru



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