Issue #4: ROOTS

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The Fall 2017 issue of FIYAH is full of Roots.

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SISYPHUS // C. L. Clark

How far would you go for what you believe is right? How much would you willing give up?  In this story, the narrator answers this question in a training exercise that requires them to kill their past. Literally.

FORTY ACRES AND A MULE // Stephanie Malia Morris

It’s the tallest tree on Erin’s parents’ farm, and she wants to climb it. The ascent will remind her of the depth of her roots, and teach her boyfriend a lesson about the land, and the power that lies there.

BARBARA IN THE FRAME // Emmalia Harrington

Babs doesn’t fit in, and the lack of belonging at college is starting to take its toll.  Luckily for Babs, she has deep familial roots that sustain her in the most unlikely way.

RILEY AND ROBOT // Arnica Ross

Nicey is a struggling single mother trying her best to provide a life for her son Riley. But when Riley starts to crave something that Nicey can’t provide, she’s forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

EXCAVATE // Melody Gordon

In the face of deep, spiritual pain, The Pearson family decides to undergo an experimental treatment process that will bring them face to face with their past. The problem? It also forces them to stare down their family’s demons.



JOURNEY OF THE DEAD // Resoketswe Manenzhe

ROOTWORK // Constance Collier-Mercado



1 review for Issue #4: ROOTS

  1. Chloe Wiggins (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this issue. As always the cover was great. I thought the theme would be more nature-y based off the cover with maybe one on hair, but the entries were more riffs on the past and origins. I appreciated that the poem “Rootwork” had a different take on the theme. I’m not usually a poetry person, but I really enjoyed the poem “Journey of the Dead.” The prose highlights for me were “Forty Acres and a Mule”, “Meji”, and “Barbara in the Frame”, but they were all really solid, and I plan to re-read this issue.

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