I ate my country as we laid bare and scorching

licked a shivering delicate like a placenta

tongue up thighs like a cannibal, like an urgency, like a Palestinian

akh ya Rabi, I’m so infatuated with country-land

I draw borders in oil pastels, how delirious of me

turn the Opera on let us hear a woman in love Scream and restart Time


Thick Dust spilling min lips like a LOVE SONG in Spring

bas I persist, recount the demographic Wars wa Genocide like a mouse-trap

how Firm I / We Remained the FLORA so envious, making mountain-top

even sweeter in Mangled Nectar BITE IN! THIS IS YOURS!


in the matter of Return [RETURN] I claim the Moon

wa Mars as uninhabitable [no orchids, soil for sale] — My Body

Knows Return, Knows Land


LAND who Knows [Language LANGUAGE] SHAMS

wa ‘Amar wa Bahr wa wa wa there is no END, there is no END!



my great-great-great grandchild eats the light

and does not become the sun. our daughters lick

figs’ sugared tendons, marrying the seas beyond

to see infinite possibilities of one’s homeland it is a graveyard

resurrected emerging in a worm-hole the voids are singing

كان نفسي ربي كل الدنيا أجيبها ليك

لكن ماكانشي قصاد حنانك دا يوفيك


the soul-eater no longer asks for my pleasure, it gives gives gives

as if I beyond river, past sea, no ocean but an orgasm,

futurity is movement, parsing beyond, look Look!


the Swell of SUN aching as body Swore I am Dead Sea

beyond expanses, blushing Red Sea, The Fate

Eaten, the Dinner during which all Figs turned

to Dust and Rot in my hands and still, Still,

I love my home. I play the Classical Radio and cry

the notes swell like a child and I cry, my home

my country, my land, my home, my country, my land

the empire of dirt & honey, light & sea, I remain corrupted

and virtuous of sheer being, of mere spite. in Return, I LOVE

I am drizzling in jasmines and fucking in thyme-beds I KNOW


and I sleep, I wake, I bake fresh bread, I am made love and Love

my home, my country, my land, still, Still


leena aboutaleb is an egyptian palestinian who constantly searches for trees to sleep under. she can be virtually located @leena.jpeg on instagram.

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