Hey everyone!

Over the last several months, FIYAH staff devoted a lot of intentional thought and discussion into featuring book reviews on our site. Today we’re excited to announce: IT. IS. TIME! The world deserves more Black thoughts on books, critique of problematic titles, well-earned stanning, and everything in between.

But we can’t and don’t want to do it alone. Black book reviewers are already in the trenches, doing valuable work with less airtime than their peers. We see you and want to help with your visibility.

With that said, we’re doing an open call. We have four slots for reviewers. Anyone interested in this opportunity should email reviews@fiyahlitmag.com

  • Prior review experience
  • Links to YouTube channel, personal website, and other platforms
  • Tell us what about your style as a reviewer is unique
  • Provide us with a sample review that best captures your brand

We’ll reach out to you and let you know our selections by March 8th . Even IF you aren’t selected, we will be highlighting each and every one of you that respond on our social media. The industry needs to know you’re out there and you exist. So even though our slots are limited for the time being, please connect with us and let us show you some love on our social media pages.


Comic books, SFF and good cooking are the essential elements of Brent Lambert. A full-fledged military brat, he is consistently struck by wanderlust and has a keen sense of things never really being permanent. A writer with an insurmountable TBR list, he strives to make Black gay characters exist in all worlds and all times.
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