“Muneera and the Moon” by Sonia Sulaiman

The conditions were perfect for drawing a spirit: the pomegranate tree stood for forty years at the top of the hill, overlooking the wadi and its village far, far below. It waved its branches, peerless and heavy with fruits. Long winding strands of fabric entwined every inch of bark. The constant blowing of the wind Read more

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Special Palestinian Issue of FIYAH: TOC and Cover Announcement

As part of FIYAH’s continued solidarity with the people of Palestine, we are proud to present the cover and table of contents for FIYAH’s Special Issue of Palestinian Speculative Fiction. The curation was put together and edited by Nadia Shammas and Summer Farah, with cover art by Leila Abdelrazaq. Features include prose: The Night Journey Read more

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