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It takes about $7500 to run FIYAH annually, and we currently accept donations alongside our subscription sales to cover our operating costs. You can make contributions via PayPal or Square. Donate $5USD or more and we’ll thank you by name in the next issue of FIYAH.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.

For alternative means of donation, email team [at]

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Subscriptions, small donations, and merch purchases are responsible for covering much of our operating costs. In order to divest from a crowdfunding model and expand what we are able to achieve, FIYAH is looking forward to partnering with individuals, businesses, and organizations to expand their influence and our capacity for growth through the pursuit of sponsorship.

Sponsor funds will allow us to do more than stay afloat. We want to be able to tackle our larger dreams of expanding outreach through convention attendance, hosting workshops and retreats, publishing special issues, incubating new editorial talent, increasing pay for contributors, expanding our industry studies, paying staff honorariums, and more.

Our Green Tier is our lowest sponsorship tier and is open to individuals and Black business owners. Our Mithril through Unobtanium tiers are open to larger businesses and organizations. Each tier grants the sponsor brand placement on FIYAH’s works, including a feature on the Sponsors page of our website, a year of logo or ad placement on our website and in the back of our issues, logo placement on printed promotional materials for the sponsored year, and exclusive merch along with a subscription to the year’s issues. Mithril through Unobtanium tiers also receive annual reporting on the state of FIYAH and the use of your funds, in addition to events-based perks.

Select one of the tiers below to be taken to an inquiry form. There, we will ask about you and your organization in order to ensure compatibility* between our brands, and we will be in touch to complete the transaction and receive your branding materials. Thanks so much for your interest in backing FIYAH.

*FIYAH is a magazine of Black speculative fiction and will decline all offers of sponsorship from individuals and organizations with regressive positions on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religious affiliation. Sponsors will be subject to contract terms stating as much, and advertising will be pulled at FIYAH’s discretion should any breaches of an ethical variety occur over the course of the sponsored year.

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